Arms → Shoulders → Hips → Shoulders → Arms

Arms -> Shoulders -> Hips -> Hips -> Shoulders -> ArmsFocus on the correct sequence of actions that make up a golf swing. At the early stages of the takeaway, only your arms are bringing the club back. Following this initial stage the shoulders begin to help your arms back and finally your hips follow suit and complete the swing rotation. On the way down, the sequence is reversed. Hips are first to move and begin uncoiling before shoulders bring the arms back down towards the moment of impact

Keep Knee Flex Constant

Don't lock your knees swing thoughtConcentrate on making sure your knees don’t lock up during your swing, or at least not until after impact with the ball. Specifically, the right knee can have a tendency to lock up at the top of the backswing whereas the left knee can behave similarly at impact.

Keep your Head Level

Keep your head still throughout your swingFocus on keeping your head at the same vertical level – or distance from the ground – throughout the first two sections of your swing, from address to impact. This is in contrast to seeing your head move down and up as you perform your backswing and downswing through impact. Note that it is ok to lift your head gradually as you perform the follow through and move towards the ultimate finish position.