Arms → Shoulders → Hips → Shoulders → Arms

Arms -> Shoulders -> Hips -> Hips -> Shoulders -> ArmsFocus on the correct sequence of actions that make up a golf swing. At the early stages of the takeaway, only your arms are bringing the club back. Following this initial stage the shoulders begin to help your arms back and finally your hips follow suit and complete the swing rotation. On the way down, the sequence is reversed. Hips are first to move and begin uncoiling before shoulders bring the arms back down towards the moment of impact

Keep Your Head Down

Don't lift your head at impactKeep looking down at the ball, even after making contact and up to the moment you no longer can during the follow through. This is contrast to lifting your head just before impact. It constitutes one of the first – if not the first – swing key instructions given to new golfers. Indeed, beginners are often very anxious to see where the ball will go after they hit it, which leads them to lift their heads too soon.

Hinge. Don’t Cup or Bow.

Hinge your wrists; don't cup or bow them at the top of your swingFocus on making sure your wrists don’t cup or bow when you are executing your golf swing. These swing errors are easiest to spot at the top of the swing; bowed wrists look like the club is too heavy to hold in your hands and is visible through your hands falling to the ground a little. Cupped wrists look like the opposite and are instead visible through your hands arcing up towards the sky.